How To Cook Cabbage The Healthy Way


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Ways to Cook Cabbage. … Braise any variety of cabbage; most recipes require you to slice it thinly. … 10 Ways to Add the Health Benefits of Cauliflower to Your Diet.

Try these 23 cabbage recipes–easy to make and healthy! At less than 25 calories per cup, there's no reason not to love cabbage.

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Cabbage is often overlooked in the produce section but it shouldn't be. Cabbage is healthy, budget-friendly, and can be made in a variety of tasty ways.

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Boiling is a simple, classic way to prepare cabbage. But if you overboil it, cabbage will taste bitter, as its sulfurous compounds are drawn out. Before boiling cabbage, remove the tough inner core and slice, chop or quarter the remaining head. The boiling time will vary depending on the cabbage, but is typically between five and 10 minutes.

How to Cook Cabbage in a Pot | Easy Way to Be Deliciously HealthyWays to Cook Cabbage Cabbage might not be the first vegetable you think of when you think of amazing vegetable staples, but it should be. From soups to stews, to wraps and rolls—whether it’s roasted, braised, fermented or pickled—cabbage is quite versatile.

From all of the cooking methods we tried when cooking cabbage, our favorite is Healthy Sauté. We think that it provides the greatest flavor and is also a method that allows for concentrated nutrient retention.

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