Is Popcorn Cooked In Coconut Oil Healthy


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Popcorn that is cooked in hydrogenated oils, drenched in butter or coconut oil, and over salted is not healthy. If you cook popcorn in canola or olive oil or air pop it, you will be eating a high fiber snack. Season popcorn with a drizzle of olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and garlic powder for a delicious healthy snack. Popcorn is a carbohydrate …

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How To Make Yummy Popcorn with Coconut Oil!Learn how to make popcorn health with this recipe for organic coconut oil popcorn! We are absolute popcorn lovers in our home. When we are craving a snack (or a Friday movie night at home), its off to the kitchen to make a batch of our homemade popcorn. It’s such an easy to make snack and very healthy for both adults and children.

Popcorn is healthy snack when you pop it yourself because you can control the amount of oil and salt you use to prepare it. The healthiest oils to use when preparing popcorn are the same ones recommended for cooking other items.

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This popcorn recipe with coconut oil is not just a good-for-you snack, it’s also filling and nutritious… Many of you may not realize what a simple, yummy and healthy snack popcorn is, especially this popcorn recipe with coconut oil! Kids love it, too, and of course it’s great for movie night. ?

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