About Oregonians for Health Security


Oregonians for Health Security is uniting small business owners, working families, health care workers, seniors, community leaders, and policy makers to fight for quality, affordable and secure health care that we can all count on.

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Health care reform must ensure:

• Quality health care for everyone with a choice of doctors and plans, without gaps in access or coverage;
• Preventive care as part of any basic benefit plan that promotes health and eliminates economic and racial disparities;
• Controlled costs by providing care that is cost-efficient and medically effective; and
• Financing that is fair with responsibility shared by employers, individuals, and government.

Highlights of our campaign’s work include:

Passing Legislation to Expand Access and Affordability

We are working to pass pro-active health care legislation like Healthy Kids, which would help Oregon’s 117,000 uninsured children access the care they need.  We are also working to fight off cuts to Oregon Health Plan and Medicaid.

Creating Demand for Health Care Reform

We have built a movement of Oregonians who declare that health care is their #1 priority.  We have signed up 62,000 Health Care Voters and sign up more every day!