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Whether you’re looking for your fish to be broiled, grilled, blackened, or pan-fried, these simple tilapia recipes Low in fat, versatile, and family-friendly, this mild fish stars in everything from tacos to salads.

Here are 10 ways to cook perfect tilapia fish for dinner. Tilapia is one of the best options for fish in your recipes that call for fish.

Tilapia has a lot going for it. It’s cheap, and it’s everywhere—both compelling reasons to give it a try. Flavor-wise, tilapia is admittedly the mildest of the mild flaky white fish, but that can be turned into a virtue: It’s a great starter fish for kids or anyone wary of seafood that is too "fishy".

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Versatile Tilapia The firm texture and mild flavor of tilapia make it ideal for a variety of cooking methods. Pan-fried, broiled, baked, or braised, tilapia readily absorbs the robust flavor of spicy marinades, creamy sauces, and subtle seasonings.

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