Cook Healthy Chicken Breast In Oven


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A baked chicken breast is the unsung hero of weeknight dinners. it’s far simpler than cooking chicken breast on the stove—and it’s guaranteed to please even the pickiest family members. no, oven-baked chicken breast is not the sexiest dinner you’ll ever make (especially if it’s the skinless, boneless kind), but it is definitely one of the easiest, most …

Healthiest Baked Chicken Recipe - Clean Eating Meal PrepChicken breast halves cook in the chorizo drippings for even more flavor. If you can’t find chorizo, look for spicy turkey sausage instead. Queso fresco is a crumbly salty Mexican cheese that doesn’t melt easily. If you want stringy melted cheese instead, opt for Monterey Jack. Shred it on top of the chicken before serving.

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