How To Eat Healthy When You Hate Cooking


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Instead of letting your healthy habits fall by the wayside, try following these six tips to help you eat well even if you aren't a huge fan of cooking.

The smoothie is something like a garbage-disposal of healthy food. If you can’t or don’t like cooking, it’s the easiest, simplest way to ensure you still get the fruits, vegetables, and vitamins you need in the day without having to come up with complex recipes that require you to cook several foods at once.

I want to eat well…but I HATE cooking! | Thursday Therapy #32When we think about healthy eating, we often picture vegetable-filled salads and fancy chicken dinners. Although it’s true that cooking your own meals is the healthiest way to go, just because you hate being in the kitchen doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be unhealthy. Eating nutritiously is a …

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If you want to eat healthy and lose weight, preparing your own lowfat, low-cal fare at home makes the most sense. Hate the thought of washing, …

If the thought of cooking makes you hyperventilate, chances are good you eat at restaurants quite often. But even if you have every intention to make healthy food choices, researchers have discovered that where you sit can subconsciously influence what ends up on your plate. In fact, Cornell University researchers have found that diners seated

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