Jacques Pepin Simple And Healthy Cooking


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Jacques Pepin: More Fast Food My WayJacques Pepin is the author of twenty-one cookbooks, including the best-selling The Apprentice and the award-winning Jacques Pepin Celebrates and Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home (with Julia Child).

"Having read and used all of Jacques Pépin's remarkable books, I did not think he could top himself– and here he is with Simple and Healthy Cooking. He has done it again." —Morley Safer, TV correspondent, 60 Minutes.

Jacques Pépin creates food that is as intriguing to the palate as it is to the cook reproducing it. Classical French cuisine is laced in ambiguity and subtlety. Most fortunate for us, Pépin penned Simple and Healthy Cooking. And it is what he represents.

Jacques Pépin (French pronunciation: [ʒak pepɛ̃]; born December 18, 1935) is an internationally recognized French chef, television personality, …

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